Spray Tanning              


Vita Liberata comes in three wonderfully natural shades Hawaii, Equadour & Brazil


We use Vita Liberata tan because...

Its Odourless and Organic, Paraben Free, Perfume Free, Alcohol Free, with a Perfect Fade

 Odourless: Independent Survey in February 09. 99% said this tan had no smell. 200 participants.

 Organic DHA: Di Hi Droxy Acetone is the active ingredient that makes the skin turn brown. The DHA in this product is obtained from Organic sugar cane.

 Paraben Free: Vita Liberata have removed cancer causing Parabens from all their products.

Perfume Free: Perfume is very drying to the skin, so Vita Liberata have no perfumes in any of their skin care products. Any scent is the result of the many natural extracts included in the products.

 Alcohol Free: Alcohol is also very drying to the skin. They have no alcohol in any of their products.

Perfect Fade: Due to the superior ingredients and formulation the Vita Liberata tan fades perfectly every time. No snake skin, patching or streaking. Just a gentle fade to nothing, as a natural tan would.

Before Care

Tan will last longer if you follow these tips

  • For a few days before your tan session exfoliate (just a wipe with a flannel in the shower is fine or exfoliateing gloves)


  • Moisturize after this but not on the day of your tan.


  • Shaving or waxing should be completed at least 24hrs before your tan.


  • Do wear loose fitting dark clothing. Some colour may rub onto clothing but should wash out ( apart from some nylon/Lycra )


  • DO NOT wear Make up, Moisturizers, Perfume , Deodorant or Contact lenses.


  • Tan is not to be used if pregnant or breastfeeding ( as a precaution)

After Care

  • Do not shower, Swim, or Exercise within 6-8 hrs of tanning.


  • Do not tint eyebrows or eyelashes within 12 hours of tanning.

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Don't let my tips scare you off these guidelines are to help you get the best from your tan.

In my opinion the best tan Vita Liberata is odourless and organic,

 paraben free, alcohol free and has a perfect fade. Tan praised by Kelly

 Brooke, Lady Victoria Hervey, Sinitta and worn by Michell

 Rodriguez  for world premiere of Avatar and on The X-Factor live shows.