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How to get this make up look!

This look is a bit heavier than I normally would do on myself

 but after a few facebook likes and comments this is how it was done ...

                                                           Primer - Clarins Flash Balm

                                                           Foundation - Mac Face and Body

                                                           Banana Powder by Ben Nye

                                                           Eye Primer - NYC Milk Jumbo

                                                           Eyeshadows - Urban D Naked 1

                                                           Liner - Loreal felt in Black

                                                           Mascara - Art Deco

                                                           Lashes - Kiss Strip

                                                           Eyebrow Powder by ELF

                                                           Blush - NARS

                                                           Lippie - NO7 Cherry

Goodbye 10 Stone Caroline's Amazing Journey




                  Caroline Higgins used to weigh 20 stone 10oz, but shortly after a 5 hour

 shopping trip in London where the only thing she managed to squeeze into was a

 size 24 jacket, she made a vowel with herself. Never again was she going to feel the

 way she had that day as told to Award Winning  Hair & Make Up Artist Sharon D.

 Now she describes it as the best feeling in the world, to not only have achieved  her

 target weight, but to now be helping others with  their weight lost journey.

As a baby Caroline Higgins (33) weight a tiny 1 ½ lbs. As a child her Mam was often told “Oh

god do you ever feed that child” or just told “to fatten up” Caroline, who up till her first year in

secondary school was a thin child. She states that “the weight started to pile on” when she headed

to secondary school. She had her own extra bit of pocket money. It was then that she started to go

to the shop and reaching for the chocolate, crises and convenience foods. Becoming as Caroline

would say “a moody teenager” was when the weight piled on and she “ate her way bigger

and bigger and bigger”                                                      

The first time Caroline became aware that she was bigger than the other girls in school when she

was 15. At home there was never any mention of weight because with a smile Caroline says “we

always were who we were and we were accepted for that.” It was when she started going on

shopping trips with her friends and they would be fitting on really pretty little clothes Caroline’s

purchases were always shoes and handbags as that would be what would “always fit!”

After a horrific shopping trip to London trying to find a wedding outfit, she knew it was more than

time for her final weight lose journey to start. “After spending 5 hours shopping for a jacket and

eventually squeezing into a size 24 I vowed never again was I going to feel like that, 5 hours no

way that was way to long.”

Back home in Ireland it was Caroline's sister that persuaded her to start attending a Slimming World

group a journey that led to her losing 10 stone. Caroline explains “My sister was telling me all

about it how is fantastic and you can eat so much food, and I literally thought you know I had done

so many other plans in the past that had cost me a small fortune. I lost weight when I was on them

eating little or nothing and as soon as I came off them I would just pile all the weight back on again.

 I thought it was just another one of them things that wasn’t going to work. After making every

excuse not to go I finally said fine I will go just to keep her happy. It was my partner Joe who in the

end said he would drop me over and wait outside for me and then I had no excuse so I said I would

give it a try.”


Caroline remembers only to well the feeling when she walked into the group for the very first time.

“My confidence would have been really really low I remember walking in the door with my head

down and didn’t want to make eye contact with anyone as I was sure I was going to be the biggest

person in the room. As I walked into the room I was greeted by my consultant Pauline she was so

welcoming warm and bubbly. I just knew right away she cared she took me literally by the arm and

walked me over to be seated in the new member area gave me my form and I sat down and busied

myself filling in the form but I got the instant warm feeling from the group.”

That was March 18th 2013 Caroline’s first day and by Christmas 2013 she had wanted to lose two or

three stone, but she gave herself a special Christmas present that year. “I got my 6 stone award that

Christmas it was my To me From me Christmas present.” Caroline didn’t tell many people that she

had started a new weight loss plan as she didn’t want people to judge her after starting “yet another

one” but it soon became clear to others she was losing weight “It was a strange feeling people

would ask me was I losing weight and I would laugh it off, it took a while for my head to catch up

with my body”.


By April 9th 2014 just over a year Caroline reached her first target she had set of 8 stone. Having lost

over a stone before starting Slimming World Caroline reset another target to her forever target of 10

stone 10 lb totalling an incredible weight loss of 10 stone.

Caroline reveals how she kept motivated to continue losing weight “I think it was because I wasn’t

restrictived I was never told you cant have that if I am told you cant have something I would move

heaven and earth to prove to you yes I can. But really I think it was because I could eat without

thinking I wasn’t weight counting measuring or anything like that. There was such a variety of

unlimited foods and if I wanted a couple of drinks or treat at the weekend I could do that and still

be on plan it meant that I wasn’t feeling deprived as I had with other plans. I also didn’t look to far

ahead as to what I had to loss I broke it down into half stones so if I had only a loss of half a pound

I was still only 6 ½ lbs to my next half stone.”

In a typical day before Slimming World Caroline would eat all the time as she admits “I would get

up it the morning and it would be two toasted ham, cheeses and mayonnaise sandwiches for

breakfast, throughout the day I would snack on scones and crisp or whatever was handy and close

to me but mainly I would eat and eat white bread as the dinner would be cooking I would often be

eating a slice of toast from the hand then eat my dinner. An hour or two later I would be back

eating again. I just ate all the time.”

And now... “Loads I eat everything still. That was the thing about Slimming World you can still

have your bread, your milk, your cheese if you wanted. You have your potatoes, rice and pasta in

unlimited amounts its more about making sure you get the proportions of food your plate right that

your getting lots of salada, veg and fruit in proportion to your meat, potatoes, pasta and rice or

whatever unlimited free foods you chose”.

It was during group Caroline’s consultant Pauline mentioned to her about being a consultant herself.

“Pauline said that I should think about becoming a consultant myself I just laughed it off, but she

said I should think about it as I was always full of help and advise to give other group members and

she thought I would be good at it. That planted the seed really and lead to me attending a meeting

about it.”

They was also a lot of training involved as Caroline explains “I had to go to England for training

before I set up my own group and also we always have ongoing training and support. Because we

have done the plan ourself we know how it works.”

Caroline opened the doors to her group in Ballinasloe Co.Galway  on the 30th December 2014. 

She loves helping people and keeping them motivated on there own journeys.

 “ I find out what motivates people and praise them every step of the way using individual 

one on one session and group therapy. I am living proof that it can be done and often say hand

 on heart if I can do it anyone can.”


In 5 years time Caroline sees herself as still doing what she loves best. When I asked Caroline how

she felt about what she has achieved she said “Sometimes I see it sometimes I don’t, I know my

own personal weight loss is absolutely fantastic and I am delighted with myself for that. But I

suppose for me when my first member, who has really really struggled with there weight all there life

 and the weight loss they have achieved with my group ,when that person gets to there target

that’s going to be my first bucket list ticked off and we have a lady very very very close to it now

she is sitting a half pound of it now soon to be celebrations all round.”

Talking about celebrations Caroline was recently selected from 4000 entrances from Ireland, the

UK and Cypress to travel along with 31 others to compete for Slimming World Consultant of the

year. She landed herself in the top 8 of the group. “After a day of sharing our story’s in front of

each other, are supporters and 4 judges we were called back into the room where the final 8 were

announced. Lucky enough I was one of them. I had thought just getting there just being invited

over for the final it was like Oh My God, dreams do come true and here it is being proved. You

know you have got to your target you have been picked out of 4000 to be in the last 32. But when

she read out my name myself and my partner Joe just looked at each other and it was like did she

really call out my name I couldn’t believe it and Joe was like will ya go on go on they are waiting

for you. It was like every single emotion that I had ever felt as a member hit me straight between

the two eyes because it was just like recognition for what you have done and what you have

achieved for yourself.”

Caroline has achieved so much and will always need to keep herself checking in with Slimming

World as a member as well as being a consultant to maintain her weight lose. With that she rushes

home to check her emails and send texts to her members checking in with them to.



    Photographer: Paul Cooley

  Hair & Make Up Artist: SharonD

  Stylist: Aidan Judge

  Clothing: UTAH Ballinasloe

  Location: Shearwater Hotel Ballinasloe


How to Clean & Dry your Make Up Brushes by SharonD

 As a Make Up Artist Cleaning brushes is something I constantly do. Not one of my favorite jobs but a necessary one. Along with using good quality brushes cleaning and DRYING them correctly makes them last. My Favorite blending brush is 24 yrs old!


The first thing I do is " Clean Off " Brushes using Make Up removal wipes soaked with Pure Alcohol which you can get from most Chemist (once you convince them you wont drink it!) I run the bristles off the brush along the wipe over and back changing wipe and repeating until wipe looks clean. I also just give the handle a quick wipe with the wipe only a little damp with the Alcohol.  


Once all the old make up etc is off and the wipe looks clean when running the brush along I put a little organic shampoo onto a dish and gently rub the bristles washing them I rinse until the water runs clear repeating if necessary.  I do the same again using a organic conditioner. Making sure I do not wet at the base of where the bristles are attached to the brush handle as this will just weaken the glue and cause bristles to fall out or the brush head to come away from the handle. 

After completely rinsing brushes I give them a shake to get off as much access  water as I can this also seems to reshape them. I hold them so the bristles are downwards as I do this. 


Drying Brushes is key to keeping them. Some people make the mistake of drying them standing upright in a cup or something. All this does is allow the water to seep down into the join of bristles to handle and weaken the glue. This leads to bristle loosening and falling out of the brush head detaching itself from the handle all together!  I always lay my brushes down on a towel flat and allow to dry naturally. I turn them and change towel during drying.


So Remember Clean brushes Clean Pallets Clean face... Less spots and nastys... Happier you xXx 

Hi hope all is well. Getting cold and pasty? Not such a good look with the chrimbo season ahead. So many people ask what is the right way to apply tan. I think 1st is all about prep prep prep dry skin will lead to blotchy tan mainly on knees elbows and of course them hands! To much barrier eg- creams and oils will block tan from going to them areas often resulting in streaky tan. So main points exfoliate skin really well days before day. Night before tan moisturizer. Day of tan wash well do not use any products apart from a small barrier on back of heals and palms of hands. Apply tan using mitt or at least a sock! to avoid tanning palms (so not a good look) use small amount of tan (I rate Vita Liberata chocolate instant) slowly build up tan using long ovalish strokes do not put on knees elbows or hands until the end then only use what is left on the mitt. You could avoid all this of course and pay only 20 quid come down to SharonD's in and out in 15 - 20 mins full body for up to a week with the perfect fade ;)


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