I first came across this product when I was doing a guest make up for RTE Saturday Night Live Show. When the

guest was first talking about it I was saying in my head I have heard it all before but yet am to find something that

firstly works INSTANTLY and then only gets better and secondly actually WORKS!


In my trade one of the first things people say when they sit in the make up chair is do you have a magic wand can you

take a few years off or I dont know what you can do with me unless you have a iron. Mothers of the Brides, Brides

and even models all want younger fresher looking skin.


Well now I do feel I have a magic wand. I first saw a demo of this and was blown away but still wanted to research try

and test before I could put my name out there and say YES it works and its FAB.  


For more info or to arrange a purchase, Demo or Treatment call 0877867397